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Only texture changed, Identical to original mountian Goat. I just wanted my Camo 🙂

Mountain Goat prototype II – Series DF


The prototype II Type D has 660 hp and is the strongest time in Forestry tractor LS 15 been.

What has changed?
Standard light script (no high beam, no Adaptive Headlights, no LED lighting)
minor errors in the decals are missing warning Blitzer yet entirely (LS 17 refuses to function)

NEW – Protoyp II Type E with 680 hp can be upgraded for an additional payment of € 20,000
this however rise the maintenance costs by 40 €

NEW – Protoyp II type F with 700 PS can be upgraded for an additional payment of € 40,000
this case, however, the maintenance costs increase by 80 €.

Please Use original link and do not upload

Bitte benutzen Sie den Originallink und laden Sie ihn nicht hoch


Model: Giants / Shoebeck
texture: Giants / Shoebeck /Kryptek Lambo
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Shoebeck
Tester: Shoebeck
Other: Dbilas

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Mountaingoat-prototype creater


Lambo mods

2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    This is my only tractor I use. accept when I want to use the 50 plow and cultivator, the tractor won’t drop it down far enough to work. in 2015 it was great.
    I only have 1 other complaint.
    It wanderes left and right. there does seem to be a pattern to it.

    I wish I knew how to build mods because this deserves to be fixed.
    Please fix this I can’t live without it. 🙂

  1. December 30, 2016

    […] Get the Matching Mountian Goat Kryptek Crawler […]

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