Texture Tutorial of FS (general, Dirt, Specular)

Hello people,

(The Links are in german, When I get time I will translate it) But until then, Google translate it if you really want to learn)

even if it already some know, I still wanted to also offer the opportunity to use it.
This refers to a collection of tutorials about textures in LS15 / LS17 .

On the basis of the latest information from the FarmCon, I can now also confirm that this manual is still valid in LS17.
However, it tries to split the documents according to the version.

It was noted that everything was done with Photoshop. A lot of things are identical, others partly not at all.
I apologize, because I can not deal with all programs. Tutorials for the other programs, there is still.

Attached times the PDFs (headings lead to the dropbox link).

General information about the DDS graphics format and special features

  • DDS in general
  • AlphaChannel in general
  • AlphaChannel for transparency
  • Case study
  • The 3 LS textures
  • Application Gloss / Reflection

Mod washable / create Specular texture LS15

Mod washable / create Specular texture LS17

  • Creation of the specular texture
  • Simple DirtTextur
  • Detailed DirtTextur
  • Special cases

Change DirtFarbe

  • Entire DirtFarbe of a mod change
  • Parts with different DirtFarbe

Installation color choice LS15

installation color choice LS17

  • Prerequisite is a specular texture
  • Area-specific coloring


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