Convert Mods (FS15 to FS17)

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Farming Simulator 17 – Giants Mod Conversion Tutorial

Hello Hello Hello! Thank you for taking the time to come learn about Farming Simulator Modding. I really believe that this game will offer many more mods than the prior FS15. Why is that? Cause I am on a mission to learn myself. I am not greedy with knowledge and love to share with those who have similar interests. There is so much information out there on Farming Simulator Mod conversion, but it is spread over several sites. Very hard to compile due to Language barriers. Now let’s get into conversion of Farming Simulator 17 to 15.

How do we convert mods?

Using the Giant’s Editor that we can download from Giants network, or  latest update here!

Get familiar with the Editor?

The most simple way to do this is to  watch live streams of people modding, or several tutorial videos. After you have become familiar with the Giants editor we will get into simple fixes that will get your mod up and going.

Get the Popcorn out for FARMCON 16…

This is in german, but english captions are in the video. He covers all the changes from FS15 to FS17.

FarmCon16 – Mod Conversion from FS15 to FS17

Now we are going to watch another video a youtuber uploaded, TheChase IsOn took the time to share, so please make sure to like his video.

Farming Simulator 15 – Farming Simulator 17

 Mod Conversion Tutorial

Now James is going to work on a white Semi Truck and convert it to Farming Simulator 17, make sure to give MCB James a like for taking the time to share!

Farming Simulator 17: Converting Mod from FS15


How to Use the Mod Converter Tool

Disco goes over the conversion tool and shows how easy it is to convert mods!

Farming Simulator 2017: CONVERTING FS15 to FS17:

ATF Gaming Part 1.

Hey everyone today I’m going to show you how I convert mods from FS15 to FS17. Down below is a copy of the blank Moddesc.xml you can use as template like in video. If this video has helped you be sure to smash that like button and also be sure to subscribe and share the video. It really helps me out! –ATF Gaming



Farming Simulator 2017: Converting FS15 to FS17:


ATF Gaming, Hey everyone this is part 2 of the converting. ATF Really gets into his modding. I really enjoy the knowledge he has to share.

Farming Simulator 17: converting FS15 to FS17:

Part 3 : Doing changes!

Hey everyone welcome to part 3 of the converting tut. If this video has helped you be sure to hit that like button and share the video. It really helps me out. Be sure to subscribe to catch when I have a video uploaded. –ATF Gaming

Farming simulator 2017: Converting 15 to 17:


Hey everyone welcome back to the channel. I wanna say sorry once more for the mistake on my part with deleting what I was already working on! –ATF Gaming


Lambo mods

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