FS17-Courseplay v 5.01.00023 beta

Found this on a Russian Site and did a basic translation due to time. Hope you can sort thru it well.   –Lambo

FS17-Courseplay v 5.01.00023 beta

Farming Simulator 17-mod

This is a special program with artificial intelligence that will take control of all your technique and thus will automate the work on the farm. As you know, in the game you can hire an employee, but it only has a very small job, and here you can really fine-tune all the techniques giving her such tasks as plowing fields, seeding a certain culture in the selected field (to select number), cleaning harvest, transport of goods from point A to point B, grass mowing and baling hay, respectively.
All of the above, only a small part of the possibilities in the new version of the program. Also it has become more convenient and easier to understand for beginners, there formulaic tasks and corrects errors of previous versions.

Going into the game, press Ctrl + Delete, will be a special menu where you can configure the setting for all the equipment.

Courseplay Dev Team

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