Well I have been busy, Can I get your help?

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I have been boogie n on down with getting resources on this site that way you can learn to mod in one simple place. The information has been  spread thin across several media platforms thru multiple people. Some of them provide wrong information and some provide detailed info that may fly over your head the first time reading it.

As I run into errors and such I will post them and the solutions I found to help build up a community of modders!

But now I need some project Idea, Do you have a mod you want to see created? I love a challenge and looking for ideas, so please share.

Leave your comments below!


Lambo mods

4 Responses

  1. lewis says:

    whats your email

  2. LAMBO MODS says:

    Email me your channel name and link

  3. lewis says:

    and i would love to help support your website an help you continue modding

  4. lewis says:

    lambo how do i become a youtube friend with you because i would really like to

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