Camping Pack Mod#1 – Placeable objects

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Well Are you ready to go camping in the woods… alone….

Well hopefully not alone! But if you do, this camping cmp is for sure going to help.

Located Next to the placeables in the store menu.

Pack Includes;

  • Dome High Altitude 3 Man Tent
  • Square Military Canvas Tent
    • Store motorcycles
  • Sleeping bad
    • Old school straw bag, made from the farm.
  • US Forestry Sign
  • ATV Speed limit Sign
  • Large Encampment for the whole team.
    • Just visual, can not enter (yet)
  • Lambo’s Survival Weapon Cache.
    • Hi-resolution  M4a1, Slower computers may not like this.
    • M72 LAW Rocket
    • M4a1 Silencer
    • Umbrella Corp Keypad weapons case
  • Biohazard Barrel
    • This was requested for a video someone is doing.

Stay Tuned for pack #2

Side Note:

I don’t care if you think these mods belong in farming simulator 17 or not. I don’t care how much you dislike the world or your mother. I don’t care about your comment unless it’s CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM from someone who CONTRIBUTES to the modding community.

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