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  1. Did you email me sir

  2. Anyone else please do the same as I work thru these bugs.

  3. Please email me I will manually add you.

  4. Colbantior says:

    I did and it still won’t let me download

  5. Up at the top where it says subscribe click on that and make sure you signed up for that subscription WordPress had some issues for me but I fix them try to reach subscribe

  6. colbantior says:

    i subscribed but it wont let me download any mods

  7. Please send an email to ill get you when taken care of when I awake from my slumber 🙂

  8. Jay Henri says:


  9. Did you sign up from the tab at the top of the screen that says private subscription. It give it to you after sign up.

  10. Jay Henri says:

    Hi i sub but i didnt get. That ford that was being advertised i was wondering if i could possibly recieve it

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