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If you are farming simulator purist then this map is not for you, because this map has many tasks to do instead of cultivating, harvesting, feeding animals etc.
This map is a modification of Goldcrest Valley.
What is new in this map:
This map has a open sky mine where you can extract stone, limestone, soil, coal and mineral water.
You use the stone crusher for the production of gravel, sand and tailings. You use a limestone crusher for the production of cement. Use tout-venant facilities for production of tout-venant and use asphalt facilities for the production of asphalt.
With the soil you can extract gold at goldmaster, and when you extract gold your bank account rise.
With the gravel, sand, cement, and tailings you can produce concrete at the concrete factory, and sell the concrete in the village construction area, also you can sell sand, gravel, and boardwoods.
In the sawmill exist a new facilitie for production boardwood.
All animal facilities (cows, sheeps, chickens and pigs) are in main farm.
Exist a third train in the mine to load sand, gravel and tailings and sell in the end of the railroad. Be careful it’s a dead line.
Please read this tutorial with calm and attention to avoid unnecessary questions. This map is easy to play if you understand how works all production facilities. You can therefore watch the videos tutorials.
You can find the tutorial in pdf here:!7lwwRI7J!mjMDhkRRbIMouq2d_eRntIYm8mP3ijHTyMi896I-SRw
This time I don´t release a modpack for this version of the map like I do for fs15 version. Some modders don´t like other modders change their mods, so you have wait until the modders release mods for mining (excavators, dumpers, trucks etc). The vehicles in game are compatible with the map, you can play and use all features with the default vehicles
The map need this mod in the mod folder: (17.0.9)

Required mods!

Kotte Universal Pack LS17

Universal Process Kit


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Lambo mods

20 Responses

  1. patrick a walker says:

    i figured it out, it is the yellow gas trailor in the green mod pack u all offered with the mining mod

  2. LAMBO MODS says:

    Yea still alot of bugs

  3. patrick a walker says:

    really i guess that part of the map is bugged thanks anyway

  4. LAMBO MODS says:


  5. patrick a walker says:

    caN someone answer my question please

  6. LAMBO MODS says:

    I honestly been so busy with money now couldn’t tell you but I hope somebody else reading this comment could

  7. patrick a walker says:

    I CANNOT figure out how to refuel the limestone machine and what to put in there tried every thing please help

  8. I have it shows up as a mod but it doesn’t show up in the maps could it be because I am using a windows 7 or because I am using the disk version

  9. LAMBO MODS says:

    How, what, where to fill the sawmill? )))))))))

  10. Evgenii says:

    Как,чем,куда заправить лесопилку? )))))))))

  11. ok updated with the links to the downloads needed. the maker of this map did not make it easy too under stand things. check out The Squad (youtube friends tab up top) they did a long video on how to use things. its still beta…

  12. arthur says:

    how i transport this real water in this map?

  13. You must have the universal process download. Sorry i have not updated this yet.

  14. thomas says:

    I’ve downloaded it but it does not work either

  15. T make sure you download the universal processing kit on the main page

  16. You need to download the universal processing kit I just posted it a couple days ago should be on the front of the page

  17. thomas says:

    can i have other mods with or must i remove them so will it work to load sand, gravel or stone in shovel?

  18. Take the zip file and place it in your mods folder it should be working I just played it

  19. how do i load it into game it wont load as map

  20. thomas says:

    i have problem with take stone, sand or coal or other in shovel :/
    update soon?

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