In Memory of Parker ,Son of LAMBO

born at 6:47 pm, I was there at the hospital waiting to meet him. 6lbs 4oz 19 inch long.

On this day Feb 10th 2012 he passed away in his sleep.

This website was created in his memory.

Keep the ones you love close, don’t let personal differences get the best of you, if you are not with the father or mother. Still try to be a family for the sake of the child.

A special thanks to everyone who has called or messaged me with your prayers. Its really great to look at them when I am feeling down to help myself come back up.

Parker you smiley little boy! I miss you bud.


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6 Replies to “In Memory of Parker ,Son of LAMBO”

  1. i am so sorry to hear that but you got people backing you up i pray every night for those who need it

  2. Sorry for your loss, man. R.I.P. Parker. I love this site, he would definitely love all the fun tractors and other big farming equipment he could mess with in this game.

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