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LAMBO Bridge Construction-PACK

Farming Simulator 17 Construction,

Building, I Beams, Pine Beam, Pillars

oh my! by Lambo

I-beams are ready for DL.
Pine Beam Ready for DL
Ramp is ready for DL, But is temperamental, VERY buggy, I think I set the attachers to high… will update soon… Attach it last…
Pillar is ready to have  testers..

I recommend watching my videos using it so you understand how it works…



FS17 | UH2D Huey Helicopter DEA SkyCrane v1 will haul these Items by AIR!

  • Don’t attach to top of I BEAM or PINE beam with wheel loader, its meant for the crane(when its done). If you do… you turn into a pogo stick.
  • Make sure when you attach you are flush with the other objects.
  •  Where you see a green attacher, you may link to I Beams,etc together or grab with wheel loader at yellow/red + placards, The orientation of the words on the placard dictates the orientation of the wheel loader’s attacher.
  • Not all attachers are marked, it would be a pokey dot beam if they were
  • 4x ends, 6x bottom, 6x top, 6x sides of LARGE beams
  • DON’T ATTACH UPSIDE DOWN>>> POGO STICK— If the words are upside down you’re doing it wrong…
  • I a not sure what will attach and what won’t. Seems like a combination of attaching. the most I had was 32… I got bored.. SO let me know the limits of these little guys!
  • If something doesn’t attach , unattach last object and then try new object. Most times the attacher just needed reset.
  • You need a 40ft trailer to haul these…. but they attach 🙂
  • This is a work in progress, if you can add in any way please do!
  • The ramps don’t recognize the wheel loaders collisions, so you cant drive up with the wheel loader, but all other vehicles can go up the ramp.
  • You have to put some planning into it, you can only attach with the last object attached.

Useful mods:   scroll down for building materials

FS17 | UH2D Huey Helicopter DEA SkyCrane v1

Watch “FS 17 | V-22 Osprey Helicopter SkyCrane Beta V1.2 | Operations” on YouTube

Chain Grapple by Lambo

Volvo excavator E300 Revamped w/ chain attcher

Cat 980H wheel loader

VOLVO 150H WheelLoader

Rotating Wheel loader Mount




Check the newest videos for visual information on  how to use these

Current Building Materials

As I find errors In game I am fixing them, check back often to see updated versions

IBeam Download v1 (works great, tell us below!)

Pine Beam Download v1  (works good so far)

Pillar Download v1   (?, no reviews yet on this)

Ramp Download v1  ( buggy when attached… Just use as a portable ramp)

Chain Grapple v1   ( it has tension belts too for )

Engineer Bridge v1 ( I just added this, Have not tested much)

Click on a picture to download.








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