LAMBO Bridge Construction-PACK

Farming Simulator 17 Construction

Fs17 Construction Building, I Beams, Pine Beam, Pillars.

oh my! by Lambo

FS17 | UH2D Huey Helicopter DEA SkyCrane v1 will haul these Items by AIR!

Current Downloadable Mods 

[download id=”10714″]

[download id=”10718″]

[download id=”10722″]

[download id=”10727″]

Chain Grapple v1   ( it has tension belts )

[download id=”10731″]


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*How to use Warnings..

  • Don’t attach to top of I BEAM or PINE beam with wheel loader, its meant for the crane(when its done). If you do… you turn into a pogo stick.
  • Make sure when you attach you are flush with the other objects.
  •  Where you see a green attacher, you may link to I Beams,etc together or grab with wheel loader at yellow/red + placards, The orientation of the words on the placard dictates the orientation of the wheel loader’s attacher.
  • Not all attachers are marked, it would be a pokey dot beam if they were
  • 4x ends, 6x bottom, 6x top, 6x sides of LARGE beams
  • DON’T ATTACH UPSIDE DOWN>>> POGO STICK— If the words are upside down you’re doing it wrong…
  • I a not sure what will attach and what won’t. Seems like a combination of attaching. the most I had was 32… I got bored.. SO let me know the limits of these little guys!
  • If something doesn’t attach , unattach last object and then try new object. Most times the attacher just needed reset.
  • You need a 40ft trailer to haul these…. but they attach 🙂
  • This is a work in progress, if you can add in any way please do!
  • The ramps don’t recognize the wheel loaders collisions, so you cant drive up with the wheel loader, but all other vehicles can go up the ramp.
  • You have to put some planning into it, you can only attach with the last object attached.
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