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Farming Simulator 17 – Modding — XML – MOTOR SWAP –LAMBO MODS

Farming Simulator 17 – Modding — XML – MOTOR SWAP –LAMBO MODS

Gonna teach you how to mod today… well a section of it.. the motor.. learn how to change out the old engine with a new and upgraded one.

Download project materials here:…



<motorConfiguration name=”BASIC” hp=”220″ price=”0″>
<motor torqueScale=”1.747″ minRpm=”1000″ maxRpm=”4000″ maxForwardSpeed=”123″ maxBackwardSpeed=”40″ brakeForce=”10″ lowBrakeForceScale=”0.22″ lowBrakeForceSpeedLimit=”0.1″ rotInertia=”0.001″ minForwardGearRatio=”3″ maxForwardGearRatio=”250″ minBackwardGearRatio=”10″ maxBackwardGearRatio=”250″>
<torque normRpm=”0.45″ torque=”0.5″/>
<torque normRpm=”0.5″ torque=”0.57″/>
<torque normRpm=”0.59″ torque=”0.6″/>
<torque normRpm=”0.72″ torque=”0.6″/>
<torque normRpm=”0.86″ torque=”0.68″/>
<torque normRpm=”1″ torque=”0.52″/>
<torque normRpm=”1.2″ torque=”0.52″/>
<torque normRpm=”1.4″ torque=”0.52″/>
<torque normRpm=”1.5″ torque=”0.62″/>


<motorConfiguration name=”Offroad” hp=”550″ price=”12500″ dailyUpkeep=”40″ icon=”$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_engine.png”>
<motor torqueScale=”2.2″ >

<motorConfiguration name=”Towing” hp=”600″ price=”18000″ dailyUpkeep=”60″ icon=”$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_engine.png”>
<motor torqueScale=”3.89″ />

<motorConfiguration name=”Beast Mode” hp=”700″ price=”35000″ dailyUpkeep=”60″ icon=”$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_engine.png”>
<motor torqueScale=”4.59″ />
<motorConfiguration name=”LAMBO Mode” hp=”1700″ price=”35000″ dailyUpkeep=”60″ icon=”$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_engine.png”>
<motor torqueScale=”4.59″ />


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