Grapple Chain, LAMBO Construction

Farming Simulator 17  Now has a grapple From LAMBO Construction

After Some serious testing and playing around, we finally have a pretty darn good version ready for you! MULTIPLE ATTACHMENT  types.

Fasteners for logging 🙂

We Don’t Charge for Mods

paypalSorry we do not sell mods. We would like the community to know that we do not charge for mods we create. Once the mods are ready for public, they are released. We will do our very best to help you when needed. We do accept donations that are used for improving our content and more 3d models! 

Donate a $1 to help us Grow 


balogh2003 (Chain design) LAMBO (Grapple,XML BEASTING


In the meantime!

Watch Our Modding Tutorials On Youtube.

Have you ever downloaded a mod and got really bummed when it did not show up in game?Hopefully we can help alleviate that pain and suffering. Come with us as we dive into the XML of modding in our new modding series on Youtube.

Wanna help out around here?

We love how interactive our community it, here are some ways you can get involved.

  • Post tutorials you find on Youtube in our forums (database, quick reference)
  • Share our Facebook Posts in FS17 groups
  • Create Videos on the mods we make and post them your Youtube
  • Let us know in the comments when a Mod is faulty or link failure

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