Farming Simulator 17

To be used with building materials

Slowly tracking down all the mods you need with this to make it work! LAMBO

Universal Process kit

Placeable Building Materials silo V0.9

This silo allows you to purchase the following building materials as buylk goods;
Sand, Gravel, Dirt, Rock, Cracked, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt

To let it work you need my “Building Materials 1.0” mod or you need to have the materials already integrated in the map which you are playing.

Credits go to:
t0xic0m (silo script)
maker of the silo model:  unknow
Elevator and street sign from old LS11 and LS13 map (original modder also unknown)

Beta versions, but all functioning well
Known issues
-texture issue with elevator (sometimes elevator surface turns black)
-particle textures to be improved