LAKE VIEW 2009 V1.0 -FS17

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This map is way cool! Boats, cranes and UFOS and a ton more!

This would be a cool map to make a BIG bridge… lets see what u guys got!

Watch the video for a tour!      Did not make it, but i has tons of room to build!                                                                                                                       ————-Lambo




Here, the completely renovated LS09er map for the LS2017.
Optimized for SP game – MP never tested.
Designed for agriculture and livestock (forest but is also possible)
Complete in German
Three new AI vehicles
No price decline !!!
Unloading a trailer at the BGA
Pig feed can be sold at the port to about 1.5 times the price of soy.
There were built buildings and objects from ANY Giants MAP.
Ideal for people with medium implements and tractors games.
The map has been optimized to the cozy and stress-free play is possible, ideal for people who do not have time every day, or do not need a challenge. Everything goes on the map with helpers and supporters.


Modell: Shippy74
Textur: Shippy74
Idee / Konzept: Shippy74,Kilian1982,Ingolf
Tester: Shippy74,Kilian1982,Ingolf







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