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Warning (performance): Texture

Warning (performance): Texture

Warning (performance): Raw texture format

Warning (performance): Texture pdlc/Fs17_MacDonD60/icon.png raw format.
Warning (performance): Raw texture format (map/textures/terrain/
 Warning (compatibility): Texture width or height doesn't equal 2^n


Simply open them in and resave them in the appropriate format parameters…

-What is DDS and why should you use DDS textures?

DDS is the abbreviation for Direct Draw Surface and was created by Microsoft especially to optimize textures. The main advantage if DDS ist the low memory usage on the graphics card.

The resolution for textures is very important. Only edge lengths with 2^n (power of 2) are allowed. In most cases you can use edge lengths of 2048 without bothering about it. For wheels 512 or 1024 is enough

Settings should DDS textures be saved?

DXT1: This compression should be used when the texture has no transparent pixels. For converting JPG textures you always have to use DXT1, since JPG doesn’t support transparency. For converting PNG or resaving DDS you have to check the texture for transparency first. DXT1 uses fewest memory of all, so you should use DXT1 whenever possible.
DXT3: This is used for textures with binary transparency. That means, the pixels of a texture are either completely transparent or not. For saving the alpha channel (alpha is the transparency in a picture) extra memory is needed. Hence DXT3 needs twice of the memory DXT1 needs.
DXT5: This compression is used for textures with multilevel transparency. That means, when the pixels of a texture are partly transparent. That’s often used for window- and particle-textures. DXT5 needs just as much memory as DXT3.

Mipmaps: You can generate them automatically when saving textures. All textures should have mipmaps, except HUD textures. HUD textures are the ones, that are only shouwn on the screen and not rendered on 3D objects. Examples for HUD textures are the shop pictures, map preview pictures and PDA maps.

3 important settings: first, the DXT compression, which is DTX1, DTX3 or DXT5. Second, the “compressor type” should be set to “iterative fit” for the best quality results. And third, the check box for the mipmaps. As mipmap filter you should use “Bicubic” to get the best quality results.


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