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FS17 V-22 Osprey | Foldable | Beta v1.1 | Patreon Only!

Apr 25 at 12:31am
 Patrons! please go check your Patreon accounts! I updated after 6 hours of labor on this.
Public release click here!JUNE1st2017 FS17 | V-22 Osprey | helicopter | v1


Your basic cams Plus, Cargobay Cam, Ground Cam, Portside Cam

Have your setting off for Automatic engine start.  Otherwise its looks funky and not as cool when you unfold the osprey and turn her on :).


X- Opens the cargo Door

Z – Landing Gear

This folds the landing gear up and down.  HOLD it till the gear is full retracted for the full experience 🙂

V- unpack/pack Osprey

This unfolds the V-22 Osprey‘s wings and blades all into flight mode.

Left click  mouse – Rotates forward and back engines. –Working bugs out of this still, but works.

Flight mode: Onscreen instructions ingame

NEXT update:

Animals carrier

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