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Furiosa’s War Rig |Mad Max Series |FS17 Mod 1 of 5

Farming Simulator 17 is about to change with this Mod.

Hi guys! Got another mod I have been working on that I want to tell you about today! The War Rig from The movie Mad Max! This mod is one of my favorites now. I am still making edits to this mod right now, but a Beta version is available on  our Patreon Site

Furiosa’s War Rig

Furiosa's War Rig |Mad Max Series | FS17 | LAMBOmods

Fs17 War Rig Features:

  • Hydraulic SnowPlow for Snow maps
  • Saw on front of chassis , logging
  • Wicked Armor Proof tires
  • Rumbling Engine
  • Rolls Coal
  • Color Changeable (neon colors available as well)
  • Passenger Script
  • Toggle Animated Parts Script

Furiosa's War Rig |Mad Max Series | FS17 | LAMBOmods

Still adding Parts and features to this Mod. Please check back for updates! Or get the Mod now and help buy more models by joining LAMBO-mods Patreon group!

Release Date:

Still under development for public release


Want to become a Beta Tester?


Giants Editor,XML,FS17 interface:

3d Modeling : Chris Kuhn

Max’s Interceptor

Preview image for Blend #79776

Fs17 Max’s Interceptor Features:

  • Rumble Engine
  • Highly detailed
  • Check back for more updates!

Preview image for Blend #79776

Preview image for Blend #79776

Preview image for Blend #79776










Expected Release to beta, 1 to 2 weeks

Want to become a Beta Tester?

Giants Editor,XML,FS17 interface:

3d Modeling : Chris Kuhn


Fuel Tanker

*Coming soon!

Screenshot 2017-11-03 08.18.27.png




“Mad Max: Fury Road” and all related marks, logos, and designs are owned by Warner Bros Pictures. This model is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Warner Bros Pictures or the Mad Max franchise.

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  1. Add features throughout this month. keep check back for updates!

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