FS17 mod (Private) 2006 LB7 Duramax Flatbed

Grand morning everyone!

braker19 here!!!

Today I have for you a FS17 mod (Private) that is a 2006 LB7 Duramax flatbed done by Kaleb Hensley of Remax Modding/Duramax Nation modder.

This baby has 750HP in it! It also has Fuel Mavericks and a Airdog fuel pump added to the truck.

Kaleb has added a nice CM Flatbed onto the back and it is a fully AO Baked model. I know Kaleb loves this truck a whole lot, its has 76,000 miles on it, thats alot of ingame miles!

In addition to all the other things on this truck, Kaleb has added 50 options all around to customize the truck ingame! You have out done yourself Kaleb, this has always been one of my favorite trucks ive seen around the community!

Now that ive told you about the mod, let’s learn a little bit about Kaleb,  from Remax modding/Duramax Nation modder. Kaleb has been modding for FS since about half of FS13, FS15 and FS17.

He’s taken a break for awhile since FS17 has come out, but Im sure he will be back soon! I love Kaleb’s work, he most certainly knows his trucks, and takes alot of pride in his work!

Thats what I personally love about all the different modders that are out there, they all have their own sense of style, and thats what makes this game so much fun! Im hoping to see some more work from Kaleb here soon, hes very talented and genuine modder.

I would like to personally thank Kaleb Hensley for allowing me to write my blog today on him and his truck! If you would like to see any of Kaleb’s work, I will leave links down below so you can go follow him!

Thanks everyone, have a great day! 🙂


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  1. man duramax nation made some awesome mods but quit after someone kept stealing his mod and uploading them I wish he would keep modding and making more awesome mods like this

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