FS17 mod (WIP) 2010 Ford F-350 Dump/Stakebed trucks (2 trucks)

Grand day everyone!!

braker19 here!!

I have a special 2 mod blog in one! I have for you, two (same truck) FS17 mods that are a 2010 Ford F-350.

One truck is a dump truck, and the other is a stakebed truck. These edits were done by Aiden Hubbs of Different Breed Modding/team.

This Ford has a 6.4L diesel engine in it.

The first truck Im going to talk about is the “dump” truck edit of the Ford F-350. All Aiden did to make the dump truck mod was did a body swap, took the cab of the F-350 and put it on a dump truck that is a WMF dump truck.

He also did a sound swap for the sound. Remember guys these are WIP’s!


Now Im going to talk about Aiden’s other creation from the F-350. First, he deleted the dirt textures and fixed the fuel to “real life fuel info”. He fixed the store options and added a stake bed (optional) to the back.

Also, there were stobes added and a working toolbox, and some decor.



Here is a short video once the “stakebed” truck was ingame!

Big thanks to Aiden for allowing me to write about his work! He’s one of our “up and coming” modders of Different Breed Modding Team!

He’s a smart little guy, so many ideas! To see more of Aidens work I will leave a link below where you can find some of his creations! 🙂

As always thanks everyone, and have a good one! Stay tuned theres more to come! Game on gamers!!!


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