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Im doing a very special blog about Taylor Farms FS17 group/page. It’s time to dig into the whole point of the FS modding community, the farming/game! First, let me introduce the man behind Taylor Farms FS17, his name is Brian Taylor.  Brian started modding/editing in October of 2016 when FS17 came out.  Seems he found himself frustrated with the “big box” modders, and keeping everything private and not converting mods to FS17. So, Brian set out on a journey to convert all the mods (mostly John Deere) he had in FS15.


Brian has also done a few construction conversions,  his favorite is the d6n dozer. Which is how he learned  to get the tracks working, he edits for realism. Seems some modders don’t tune the tracks to match ground speed and they look terrible skidding across the ground. So he tuned them, so they would be right.

When I spoke with Brian, he mentioned he comes from a farming background, which Im sure helps alot with how things should work with FS mods. Alot of what Brian does is converting, error fixing, troubleshooting, and has done some map editing. The map edits are: Michigan Map released on Taylor Farms FS17 FB page, along with the geo map for the Great Lakes area.

To him modding is a hobby, 98% of the mods he has converted are error free in the game log and most are error free in dedicated servers. Something that Brian has done through his modding journey, is helped a few other modders this year, teaching them things he knows or solved errors on a mod they had him look over. He’s tried to make his own mods, but he would have to spend alot of time learning Blender and 3d programs. So he just edits existing mods to add that extra detail that modders leave off when they release to the public. Also, he is very good at lights/led structure. Brian shares almost all of his mods he’s edited, except those that took awhile to figure out or just plain wanted to keep for himself! He said, “there’s only a handful”. 🙂 I personally feel it’s really good for modders to always share with the community.

Taylor Farms FS17 has been linked on FB with Different Breed Modding/team since DBM’s start in the modding community! I wanted to stop and take the time to acknowledge a awesome modder/person in our community, Brian sure does love his John Deere’s and everything he does! 🙂 Big thanks to Brian Taylor for allowing me to share his modding experience and knowledge of modding the proper way. If you would like to check Taylor Farms out, ill leave links down below! You can find download links on Taylor Farms FS17 FB page just press the “play game” button or you can find them on Different Breed Moddings proboards!

Thanks everyone! Until nextime 😉 Alot more coming up soon! Game on gamers! 🙂

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