FS17 mod (Private) 2005 Dodge Ram 2500

Happy Friday everyone!!

braker19 here!

Tonight Im gonna talk about a FS17 (Private) mod, a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with a 5.9L Cummins. This truck mod was edited by Kody Ervin of Silver Reel Modding/Remax Modding, Kody has been modding since FS15 til the present. Now let me tell you about his truck!
Kody wanted to make this Dodge to be a work truck, but not like any other work truck! It has a turbo upgrade, injectors, and a 4″ straight pipe exhaust to a 5″ tip.
I think that will get the job done for a work truck! This truck has had some work done to it in the front end, it now has a 2006 frontend on it, Kody did a “swap” on it.
He also added some 20×12 Fuel FF02 rims and some tires. Also, this Dodge is color selectable in the store options, so you can design your truck the way you want!
I love the color selectable, sometimes you just want the mod a different color! Kody, I think you did a great job on this truck, Im expecting great things from you as a modder, and hope you decide to release one day. When your ready of course!
Since I’ve been in the FS community, I keep seeing more and more talent coming from alot of these younger guys. All I have to say is there is ALOT of talent out there in modding/editing, along with different styles.
I certainly hope that these guys start to be confident and willing to share their mods publicly. Remember it is just a game 😉
It’s time that encouragement and praise is given to the modders, instead of smart comments or laughing. I get everyone has their own opinions, but its about how you go about getting your opinion acrossed in a decent manor.
Granted there are alot of adults, and alot of younger people mixed in the communtiy, we all know our manners and should practice them. My little PSA, just felt I needed to share that, with what Ive been seeing lately.
Hope everyone liked Kody Ervin’s Dodge Ram! He worked very hard on this mod, great job Kody!!! Can’t wait to see more of your work soon!
If you would like to see any of Kody’s work I’ll be posting links below. Remember you can’t rush a good thing 😉
Everyone have a good night! Mod on Modders!


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