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Today Im doing a “Spotlight” blog on some FS17 mods, that are 3 Narrow front end tractors that were edited by Axel Foley/Co-founder of Different Breed Modding.

First, Im going to talk about the FS17 Farmall 806 diesel, that was edited from a normal front end to a “narrow” front end, that was worked on in GE. This tractor is a 1965-1975 series tractor. I really love the old tractors, especially the narrow front end ones. Axel did a excellent job working on this tractor, wasn’t easy! This tractor is a private mod of Axel’s. Such a gorgeous tractor, right?!

The next tractor is a FS17 Case 1570 diesel that was edited by Axel, from a normal front end to a “narrow” front end. This too was worked on in GE. The Case 1570 mod is avaliable on our proboards for download,  Axel released this mod on August 8th of this year! I love the look of the Case 1570 Agri King! This tractor is a 1976-1978 series tractor. Just love the narrow front end on it, looks great!

Last but not least is the FS17 Ford 4000 diesel that was edited by Axel, from a normal front end to “narrow” front end. It was also worked on in GE.  The Ford is my favorite of all 3, such a beautiful tractor! This tractor is a 1965-1975 series tractor. Excellent job Axel with all 3 of these edits! Alot of hard work, patience, and talent was put into these tractors. Axel most certainly loves everything about farming, and he knows his stuff! This mod is a private mod as well.

Now that I’ve talked about the tractor mods, let me tell you a little bit about Axel and his modding/gaming experience. He’s been playing the FS game since FS13.  Axel is actually a very good friend of ours, personally of DBM and he’s a “real” farmer too!  When FS15 came out Axel and Rico Suave started playing the game together, ALOT! Seemed the more they played the more they spoke of wanting to modify, or change mods to their liking. When FS17 came out Axel started modding/editing with Rico, next thing ya know we found the FS community on Facebook and started our group. Axel is very good with scripting and xml work, something every modder out there should know.

Big thanks to Axel Foley for allowing me to write about his work.  Check out the links below where you can go find more work of Axel’s and our other team members! Remember never rush a good thing 😉 Have a good one and Game on gamers!

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