Good day guys! 🙂

Today I have for you a FS17 mod that is a 2017 Dodge Ram 3500 pilot truck with a 6.7 Cummins diesel in it. This truck was edited by Brandon Wyatt from Underdog Modding/Owner.

Brandon started modding when FS13 came out, but seemed to have failed doing so. When FS15 came out Brandon went back to the drawing board, but still no success. So when FS17 came out, Brandon was so determined to learn how to mod, he was tired of seeing “PRIVATE” on mods always being posted thoughout the community, just to make members “drool” over their mod. This community is about the game and having cool mods to play with. So, Brandon bought GE for dummies and Blender for dummies and set out on his new adventure of modding. He has been modding for 4 months now and I personally must say, he’s doing extremely well for himself! Granted he still has alot to learn, as all modders do! As quoted by Brandon, all modders should feel making good quality mods for the people who deserve/respect the modders and there wishes of today’s very disrespectful community. I personally thank you Brandon for your determination and your hardwork of making mods for our community. Things are starting to turn around for the community, and I love what I’m seeing! 🙂 Now to talk about the truck!

This 2017 Dodge Ram 3500 was edited into a pilot truck, Brandon saw so many “heavy” trucks it hit him, where is there a pilot truck. So he made one! He added working strobes, light bar, wheels, tools, and a oversize load sign. Also, he made the height pole himself in Blender. Brandon’s good friend Rodney Ashley of Rt.40 hooked him up with some special flags that blow in the wind, it added a nice touch to it. He also added a rack and chains to the mod. I must say Brandon, you’ve done a awesome job with this pilot truck, you thought outside of the box! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what is coming from you and your team next!

If you would like to see more of Brandon’s work, go check out his FB group page, Underdog Modding. I will put links below! I have to say, I agree with Brandon about the whole “PRIVATE” mods thing, and I hope modders will start to release instead of just holding on to them. Be sure to look up his FB page, Underdog Modding, you never know what surprises you will find! 😉 As always have a good one! Stay tuned, I have much more to come! Mod on modders!

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