FS17 PC/mod (WIP) 2007 F350 XLT single cab

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What’s up everyone!!!

braker19 here!!

Today I have for you a FS17 PC/mod (WIP) that is a 2007 F350 XLT single cab with a 6.0 powerstoke turbo diesel engine. This truck was edited by Rich Serra of Cowboy Modding facebook group/founder and owner.

Let’s dig in to this truck!

It’s a 2007 F350 XLT 6.0 diesel single cab, has a flatbed hauled deck that was added to the bed with tension straps, the straps are great! There is a 3 inch lift kit, 2.5″ spacer in the front and a 3″ rear block for extra towing height, for more weight and better towing capacity.

Also, he used some Fuels FF09 rims with 40 Toyo Mountain tires. There is also a working gooseneck attacher, and a bumper trailer with a pintal hitch.

The plow hitch is a nice addition to the truck too. There’s some nice halo lights that were added to the truck,  the light work was done by Brandon Wyatt of UDM FS 2017 facebook group, nice work Brandon!

I think the “halo” lights are a really nice touch to the truck. The color scheme, Rich went for a nice fresh look and he also added 5 percent tint all around and on the windshield.

For the final stages of this truck, Rich is making a interior with working displays, that’s why this truck is still a “WIP”. When this truck is completely finished and tested there will be a link dropped.

Guess your just gonna have to pay attention 😉 Extremely awesome job Rich, can’t wait to see what other mods you have coming from you and your team! 🙂

Rich has been modding since FS11,  he’s 22 years old and  founder/owner of Cowboy Modding. He is in FB groups such as Underdog Modding, Wood Meadow Farms, Remax Modding and Different Breed Modding.

Rich feels it’s his job for his group to mod and release mods, so that people can enjoy and get mods they want for themselves. He says, he always puts the work for the members first before his own.

I like that, shows where your heart in modding is Rich, and that’s good for our community! 🙂 If you would like to see more of Rich’s work you can find him @ Cowboy Modding facebook group on Facebook FS community pages, I’ll put the link below!

Make sure you keep your eye out for releases from Rich! Excellent work!

As always everyone, have a good one! Stay tuned, I have much more to come! 🙂 Mod on Modders!


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