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Attention all gamers!!!

braker19 here!!!

I’m really stepping outside the box tonight with my blog. But I feel it is something that should be in the gaming community, a very helpful group for all gamers! That’s what it’s all about right?!

I’ve been around the gaming community long enough to know that the community has fell apart due to people being mean, stealing mods, and not respecting the modders or each other. Something I’ve been working on very hard, to clean up the community.

So I was online one day an a guy, Justin Allan McCoy hit me up through my pm. He had mentioned how hard it is to talk to people in the community and ask questions, always being yelled @ by someone in the groups.

I said well you will not be treated that way here @ Different Breed Modding, and I will not let it happen in the community. That’s such a terrible thing to happen to you as a gamer, it’s just a game! There is no need for yelling!

So Justin came to me one day about a idea he had for a gaming site for FS17 and other games, and I thought it was a great idea! I’m gonna tell you about Justin’s gaming site G.H.C (Gamers Hangout Community) now 🙂GHCblog

The start of G.H.C & Friends

Justin started this group in November 2017, he has come from gaming/modding groups that you would say, Hello or you would ask someone for help about anything, and people would start attacking you. Sometimes there would be threats of violence made. Come on now people, really?

All these sites/groups are about the game, not your ego! He also noticed there wasn’t really many groups that specifically provided a place for you to go and look for people across multiple platforms, games to play, and make friends.

So Justin created G.H.C & Friends facebook group (Gamers Hangout Community) a place where gamers from far and wide come together to talk about games, post pics, and show case/share their mods.

They can ask for help, find other players to play with online, find dedicated servers to play on, and make new friends. Simply to hangout, and have fun in a safe group. I’m all about stepping outside of the box when it comes to helping our community!

So far this group has been successful, and I know it’s going to grow even more!

The main goal for Justin is creating one of the largest safe haven gamer groups in the facebook community. He would like the group to mainly be about the gamers, to make friends, to find people to play online with, and post things as well.

Basically, Justin is working towards a big gamers hub! Also, he would like the group to have all types of gamers to join, any games to be represented, and please be respectful to others and just have fun! 🙂

I think your idea is awesome Justin! 🙂  Wishing you good luck with your group, and too see what is to come!

If you would like to know more about Justins group, G.H.C & Friends facebook group, I’ll be leaving the facebook link below, also please answer the questions when joining the group. Thanks! Huge thanks to Justin for allowing me to write about his awesome group! Go check his page out! As always, have a good one! Stay tuned..I have more up my sleeve 😉 Game on Gamers!!!

G.H.C & Friends facebook group

Different Breed Modding facebook group
Different Breed Modding Forums

lambo-mods website

LAMBO MODS facebook group

LAMBO MODS youtube channel

GamedestroyersTV youtube channel

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