FS17 PC (WIP) mod 1993 Dodge D250 single rear wheel/D350 dually version

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

braker19 here!!

Today I’m going to share with you a FS17 PC (WIP) mod thats a 1993 Dodge D250 single rear wheel, and a D350 dually version, edited by Blake McLain of McLain Modding/owner and Remax Modding. There are 2 trucks that I’m going to go over, both have same options. The trucks are the same, he just made a dually too!  Let’s dig in!

Blake had bought a 1993 Dodge truck model back in the summertime, and his first version didn’t turn out quite how he wanted it. So, he went back to the drawing board.

These trucks are a Dodge D250 and a D350, the D250 is a single rear wheel truck, and the D350 is a dually truck. Both of the trucks have a 5.9 12 valve Cummins engine in them with 4 selectable engine upgrades.

Blake has 3 wheel options on the trucks which are the Fuel FF02’s, Black American Force rims, and Wagon Wheels. I think it’s really cool how the modders have come to learn how to add the “options” to a mod, anything from color, rims, tires and animated parts, and more!

That’s really customizing your mods! There is also a optional toolbox with Cummins logos on the back glass. These trucks are riding on a 3 inch lift (estimated). I must say, I personally love the “square” body trucks!

Great job Blake! It’s “hip” to be “square” 😉 mclainblog1

If you haven’t already checked out Blake’s modding group, McLain Modding, you should go check him and his group out! I like Blake’s work alot!

He has been modding for a good while now, and it’s nice to see how he’s learned and formed into the modder he is today. I will post a link below for Blake’s group page!

As always guys, have a good one! Stay tuned and Mod on Modders! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


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