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FS17 PC public mod 2016 Toyota Tacoma Sunrise Modding

Toyota Tacoma

Hi guys!!! 🙂

Today I’m writing about Jesse Romney also known as, “Chief Romney”, and his Facebook group called Sunrise Modding. In yesterdays blog, I wrote about Jesse & Ryland Amato’s group  “R&R Apparatus Outfitters”. The group Sunrise Modding is Jesse’s regular Farming Simulator page. Jesse created Sunrise Modding on March 29th, 2017, “R&R” came about after Sunrise Modding was created. Let’s see what Jesse has going on in Sunrise Modding!

About 3 years ago, Jesse started modding and has been teaching himself everything he knows thus far and is continuing to learn. He does all his work in Blender to get it looking good in Farming Simulator. There are times he uses A/O baking on models,  making the chrome, and all the things needed to be exported to i3d. Also, he does all the scripting and everything else to get the mod to work. All of his mods are error free, he tries his best to fix, and get rid of the errors.  All of Jesse’s mods are currently version 1, but he his already working on version 2 of a few of his mods. Jesse has also been in the process of making all his mods have proper dirt. Meaning, he is making all his mods get dirty and are able to be washed. Very cool! I’ve got 2 trucks I’m going to “share” with you that Jesse has completed and released. 🙂sunriseblog5

The first one is a FS17 PC public mod of a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Jesse brought this model into Blender and did some A/O baking to it. Then he brought it from Blender into GE and in gamed it. This mod was bought from humster3d by Tyler Herzog. Thanks Tyler! It sure is a sharp looking Tundra! Here is the link for the Tundra! Have fun! 🙂

Tundra link:


The next mod is a FS15 PC public mod that is a 2011 Ford F-550 flatbed truck, that  is Jesse’s first ingame mod he’s made. This model was brought into Blender, but there is no A/O baking done on this truck. Jesse brought it from Blender into GE, and ingamed it.  I love this truck, it’s a beaut! This mod was bought from humster3d by Jesse’s big brother. Thanks “big brother”! 🙂 The Ford F-550 is a public mod and below, I leave you a link for this beaut! 🙂 Have fun! Thanks so much Jesse!

Ford F-550 link:

I must say Jesse takes alot of time and effort working on his mods. He stresses alot about his admin, and how important they are to him. Super good to have a great crew to help the team/group out! Let’s give a BIG shout out to his admin of Sunrise Modding! 🙂

Admins: Blake McLain, Kaleb Hensley, Ryland Amato, Josh Deluca, Tyler Herzog, Colt Umberger, Jacob Romney, “R&R Appartatus Outfitters”

Moderator: Van Moore

I’ve had alot of fun covering Jesse Romney and Sunrise Modding, as well as “R&R Apparatus Outfitters”! I have a feeling Jesse and his guys have something cool going on right now! Big thanks to Jesse for letting me write about his group Sunrise Modding, if you haven’t joined their group, you’ll have to go check them out! I’ll be leaving links below! As always guys, have a good one! Stay tuned, my next blog is going to be a goodie! 😉 Mod on Modders!

Sunrise Modding group facebook page:
“R&R Apparatus Outfitters” facebook page/group:
chiefromney youtube channel:

Different Breed Modding facebook page:
Different Breed Modding proboards:
GamedestoyersTV youtube:

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