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FS17 Ford F-350 snow plow truck pack- mod release from Different Breed Modding

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to be going over a FS17 Ford F-350 snow plow truck pack release, converted and edited by Rico Suave/founder/owner of Different Breed Modding. Also one of his team members of DBM, Gavin Remmers helped with this mod. This mod release is a pack that has 3 things found in it.

FS17 Ford F-350 snow plow truck w/spreader/winchricoblog

FS17 Ford F-350 snow plow truck w/spreader/winch was converted by Rico Suave of Different Breed Modding. Original credits to Unknown Modding for truck, spreader, and plow attachment. Credits for winch goto LAMBO MODS.

FS17 Ford F-350 (barebone) truck


FS17 Ford F-350 was made into a “barebone” truck for when your not plowing snow! Coverted and edited by Rico Suave of Different Breed Modding. Original credits for this truck go to Unknown Modding.

FS17 3 pack of snow plows:


FS17 3 pack of snow plows made by Blizzard, Boss, and Fisher. Original credits for the plows go to Bart Manning/Rednex Modding.

You will find all 3 of these mods in one link! Have fun!

Download link:
FS17 Ford F-350 plow truck pack

Now that I have covered the mod release with you, I would like to tell you a little bit about Rico Suave of Different Breed Modding/founder/owner. Rico has been playing the FS game since FS15. Rico and a good friend of his would play the FS game alot, and it seemed the more they played, the more they wanted to change things with the game to better suit for themselves.  So, Rico and his friend started to learn how to modify mods before they started their Facebook group, Different Breed Modding, which was started August of 2017.  Rico has learned alot about modding since he has started.  Basic things like GE, coverting mods, ingaming mods, xml and more! Right now he is studying about map editing which he is very intrigued by. He also helps alot with his members, and other groups! I must say Rico, nice job with the FS17 Ford F-350 snow plow truck pack! Goodtime to release it, winter is coming!

I’ll be leaving links down below so you can go and follow Different Breed Modding on Facebook! Big thanks to Rico Suave for allowing me to write about his awesome group! As always guys, have a good one! Stay tuned I have more to come! Mod on Modders!

Different Breed Modding Facebook page

Different Breed Modding proboards

GamedestroyersTV youtube channel

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