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Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of days from blogging, but I’m back! 🙂

I’m going way outside of the box here and taking a minute to discuss somethings that I have noticed going on in the FS modders community. I’m covering this, because I feel alot of these issues need to be addressed properly.

I have been retreaving data from modders within the community about some issues that has always existed with modders. There will be several parts to this blog done in between my regular mod blogs, for there is more than one issue to discuss, within the modders community.

Remember, I’m a very un-bias member to the FS modders community, I feel everyone deserves to speak about what issues they have, but with respect. Last time I checked, FS is just a game, right?! 😉


First and foremost, I’m going to speak about the ModDesc that is a xml file. Seems, that small of a description causes alot of major issues with modders.

You go to the Mod Description and open with the notepad.  There is a area in the ModDesc <author> Giants, the <author>, which should be the first author.

Why is this? It’s because as soon as you put the mod into GE to edit, they own it. But, that is where a modder that is working on a mod and is doing a edit/release of that mod, would put their name in, beside the original author which is Giants.

To ensure that the modder gets his credits of the work they did!

Seems there are modders out there that either don’t know about the ModDesc and checking the authors, or the modder just doesn’t care, deletes all the authors of the mod, and only puts their name in. This is a huge issue not by fault, but mostly from being passed down the chain of different modders hands.

Ahhh, I said different modders hands, you see everyone mods differently and that can cause some issues along the way. A good way to avoid something like that happening is, if there isn’t a orignal modders name in it, go find that mod that does have the original author  in it,  and don’t use one that doesnt have anything in the ModDesc.

Another thing is asking around if anyone knows who’s mod it is, to get proper credits. Gotta do your homework sometimes 😉

See, I feel that little things like the ModDesc and knowing what you are doing with it, is very important. All modders deserve the respect of being acknowledged of the work they have done to the mod.

If your new to modding and are editing mods, make sure you know about your ModDesc and the area. Just ask someone in your group or other groups!

Respect the modder

Also, something that has been happening since I’ve been in the FS community, is how issues between modders are handled. Most of the modders in the community are adults, and we do have younger people in the community.

Fighting like your savage, leaking peoples mods, when in the end what everyone is fighting about is a mod for a game. It’s a game, I totally get wanting credits for anything you do, give out, release, etc.

Modding isn’t easy, I live with a modder, and well it has it’s UP’s and it’s DOWN’s. But never have I seen him fight with others, he’s always treated everyone with respect, and put his mods out properly.

We’re a community on the internet, we are all different. But can’t we all just get along?! Please 🙂

You want to be shown RESPECT, you should show RESPECT! There is a right way to handle things, and there is a wrong way to handle them.

I like handling things privately, no matter what the issue is, and I handle alot of issues everyday. Throwing people under buses just isn’t a good thing to do.

On that note, again I’m a very unbias person, I get along with everyone and I don’t pass judgement. I’m just pointing somethings out that I’ve either had many complaints about, interviewed a modder, or I have seen for myself.

Alot of these things can be fixed,  and our community would run so much better. Much RESPECT to all the modders out there, you guys ROCK! You are what makes the FS game so much fun! 🙂

Don’t forget to ALWAYS check your ModDesc guys! I’ll be back tomorrow for a regular mod blog!

Stay tuned! As always guys, have a good one! Mod on Modders! 🙂


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