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Farming Simulator 2017 Kotte Garant Taurus 2803

Farming Simulator 2017

This Mod Is For PC

Today we bring you a self propelled slurry spreader from Kotte. The Garant Taurus 2803 is a beast of a machine for Farming Simulator 2017.  Some of the features of this mod are  all wheel steering, all wheel drive, 28000 liter tank, multiple cameras which are controlled by a mouse based system, 12000 liter pump for fast tank filling, and a lot more.  It works with any slurry spreading attachment you have.  In the video I use the disk attachment that comes with Farming Simulator 2017 attached to the back of the spreader. The team is still working on the mod so it will be updated from time to time with new features and details.  Note the mouse controlled extra camera’s can cause some stutter in your game play.  So if you are looking for a self propelled slurry spreader then check it out.

Model: Xxmallexx
In-Game: Meistro, Chiko, exception, Sven Clausen, Niklas Klee
Scripts: Giants, christoph siedl
Image Material: basti barth

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