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FS17 Community “All this Noise”

FS17 Community “All this Noise”

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well!! πŸ™‚

So, it’s been awhile since I have blogged last, I apologize for that. I’ve had some other things I’ve had to address, before I could continue blogging.

Today I would like to discuss the FS17 Community and All this Noise that’s been happening. I know this subject is a touchy one, but I’m still going to do my best to cover it. I feel our world has enough “noise” going on, that we shouldn’t have all this noise in a Facebook modding/gaming group community. Unfortunately it is happening, and has always happened. Gaming/Modding allows us to escape from the “real” world of the noise that is happening. “Meh”…It’s just a game!

Some issues arose in theΒ  FS17 Community last week, which got way out of hand all the way around from everyone involved, including myself. Things like this start out as a misunderstanding, then leads to vindictiveness, without ever just being handled like adults. I myself, dealt with a lot of issues that had nothing to do with our group, Different Breed Modding, but because of certain things being said and dumped in my lap, I had to deal with a lot. I try my best to teach everyone how to treat each other with respect, but I’m one person trying to take on the “world”. As for myself and our group we apologize to our members and the community for our actions that happened at the end of this whole situation. Our members and all other members of the FS17 community mean alot to us, not because of numbers, but because of having fun and giving back, should make you feel good to pass mods on, there just mods for a game! Why make a game that’s so much fun, suck?! I guess we’re just “Different” πŸ˜‰ So with that being said…..

It seems that modding is more of a competition between modders, than making mods for other members to have fun with their FS17 game. It’s a game, Guys! Everyone should get credits for their work, most definitely. But this “nonsense” of arguing back and forth just ruins it for the members, they are what matters the most. Seems everyone wants to be the “KING” of modding. I like to see modders that bring their creativity, but doesn’t have that “attitude” about who they are as a modder. Bringing out who you are through your work tis key.

As for the leaking of mods in theΒ  FS17 community, well it happens and it shouldn’t. Again modders get mad about something, and they go for the payback. It’s happened all over the community, and it’s wrong. Some are understood, then there are some that are just wrong, but all leaking of mods is wrong. These are all issues that are going on, and it seems that the issues of our “world” have seeped into the gaming/modding world. Come on everyone, why are we allowing all this to ruin the one place people choose to go to get away from all the confusion of our world, where we have fun, discuss mods and make members happy with whatever mods get put out! πŸ™‚

Now I would like to introduce the partnering of Lambo Mods and Different Breed Modding! Different Breed Modding has been partnered and working with Lambo Mods for about 2 months now. Lambo has upgraded his whole website for members to come and be apart of something great! πŸ™‚ Different Breed Modding is on Lambo’s website and is accessible to our Facebook page as well. We are working on the DBM page at the moment. I’ll leave the link down below, so you can come register and become a member of!

To all members of Different Breed Modding, and all members of the FS17 community, I know it seems a bit off for me to blog about “All the Noise” that’s going on, but I write outside of the box a lot, I take chances because that’s me and because I care! Let’s wipe all this bad air away, join together like a community should and do all of this the right way! Well that’s my wish, and I’m sure it is other members wish as well! Huge thanks to Lambo Mods for helping us and for being such a nice, good person. πŸ™‚ As always guys, have a good one! Stay tuned got some goodies coming up soon πŸ™‚ Mod on Modders, and with respect! Thanks!

Different Breed Modding Facebook page

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Lambo Mods Facebook page

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