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FS17 PC public map- Three Rivers Logging Map by BeardShot Modding

Happy Saturday guys! 🙂

Today I’m doing a special “Spotlight Saturday blog”, on a logging map for FS17 that is public, called Three Rivers Logging. This map was made only by one person, his name is Derrick and hes the owner and a one man team of BeardShot Modding!

This map has been inspired by Derrick because he lives in the Southern part of West Virginia, where logging is a way of life there, so he doesn’t look far for his inspiration!  He only focuses on logging maps, for he’s much more into logging, and that’s ok! I think that is a great way to have some inspiration, living in the real deal, ya know?!!

Something that Derrick expressed to me about his map making is he makes a map that he would enjoy playing. That way he see’s it, and if he doesn’t enjoy it, why would anyone else like it or download it? He doesn’t really play any farming in the game, just logging. He decided to learn to make his own maps because aside the stuff from FDR logging, there wasn’t much to choose from, as far as logging goes.

 Welcome to Three Rivers logging map!


beardshotblogmap1               beardshotblogmap51

When Derrick is starting a new map, he starts with a plain flat map. First he does all the terraforming, then he lays out all the roads. As he is working with the map he adds buildings, sell points, and all the details. Details such as, grass and signage and lily’s in the river. After everything is layed out on the map, he adds all the trees. Derrick has also integrated pallet production into the map with a pallet sawmill for the first time.

Derrick likes brainstorming to make a map, he just looks at his surroundings for ideas. His maps are fictional, but loosely based on something he has seen in real life. When he is starting a map he really doesn’t have any idea of what it is going to be. He doesn’t even name the map right away, he just kinda goes with the flow of what looks and feels good, then he goes from there.

Working on this map took Derrick from blank canvas to released map in about a week! The Three Rivers Map is his most recent map he has made. Also this map is season ready as well! So, if you get tired of cutting wood and hauling it, you can plow some snow if you want in the winter, or anytime you want! Here is the link for the Three Rivers logging map, right below for you to download! Also there is a link to a video that was done on the map, below link for the map 🙂 Have fun guys! West Virginia’s state saying is “Almost Heaven” West Virginia 🙂 I know this because I live in West Virginia! 🙂 and yes it is “Almost Heaven”!

Three Rivers logging map by BeardShot Modding
Youtube Link to a video on Three Rivers logging map


Awesome job on your logging map Derrick! It’s a good time of the year for maps like this! Huge thanks to Derrick of BeardShot Modding, for allowing me to cover his new map, Three Rivers logging. I will be leaving links down below, in case you need to ask Derrick any questions about the map. Stay tuned guys, there is a lot more too come! 🙂 As always, have a good one guys! Game on gamers! 🙂

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