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FS17 WIP mod John Deere reskin/Mack truck and an East frameless dump trailer

Hi guys! 🙂
This evening I’m going to cover a FS17 WIP mod of a Mack truck, reskined with a John Deere decal as well as a East frameless dump trailer.  This truck has been edited by Christopher Leduc, a private modder. Christopher is learning and working hard to learn everything he can. Alot of determination, Christopher has! I love seeing all the new modders that are just starting their adventure into modding! Let’s check this Mack and East trailer out!
These FS17 mods are 2017 mods that are out for the public to use/edit. The Mack truck he edited, he put new lights on the back rack, and some new tires and rims. Also, he put a new bumper and plow attachment on the front of the truck. This truck blows coal and has one heck of a mean sound to it! He also added a John Deere decal to reskin the Mack truck and the East trailer, that’s a frameless dump trailer. He did the resizing in, and added the skins in GE. That’s such a awesome idea, thinking outside the box! 😉 Last but not least, this Mack has a nice jake break on it,  of course! Gotta have that! The coal roll and sounds he didn’t do himself, they were already apart of the mod before he edited it. But both of them are still a cool part of the truck! 🙂 I’m excited to see what other mods Christopher decides to dive into! Great job! 🙂
Big thanks to Christopher for allowing me to write about him and his edit of a FS17 Mack truck and the East frameless dump trailer, with a John Deere reskin! Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us soon! Stay tuned guys, got some more goodies coming your way! As always guys, have a good one! Mod on Modders! 🙂



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