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Add Interactive Controls Script (IC) to Your Mod // Tutorial

IC Script Modding Farming Simulator 17

In this tutorial we will learn how to add buttons to a vehicle, that using IC (interactive controls) script, will be able to toggle animations, via clicking the buttons in-game.

Published on Dec 16, 2017

This will allow you, to for instance, as seen in this tutorial add a openable trunk animation, which you can toggle by clicking the button in the cab.

If this is something you would like to know, then get comfortable, and watch, but also follow along with this video.

Yes, it’s a little longer than some of my others, but the info provided should help you to add IC to your vehicle properly.

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Setting Up: 0:303:00

Adding IC Code to Moddesc: 3:005:55

Basic XML Entries/Animations Reference: 5:588:46

Animations Setup: 8:4614:40

Animation Convert to Vanilla For IC 14:4016:14

XML, i3d Introduction: 16:1417:27

Adding Buttons For IC Script in XML/i3d

17:2719:55 Testing/Bugfixing: 19:5522:07

Exterior IC/Finishing 22:0725:10 _________________________________________________________________ Recommended Programs: Notepad++: Giants Editor (7.0.0 or higher)…


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