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FS17 mod release 2009 GMC Topkick truck

Hi guys and gals! 🙂
I have for you a FS17 mod release of a 2009 GMC Topkick truck that was edited by Chris Buck of KJ modding (owner) and Wayne Dunn. Chris is one of our young modders who is learning fast!
This GMC Topkick truck was done in Sketcup, and then was brought into Blender for the A/O baking and other things for the truck. Then was brought into GE to finsh it up. Chris put Chevy dually wheels and stock rims on the truck. He is also working on store options, and tire options.  Wayne Dunn, one of Chris’s team members, ingamed the GMC Topkick. This truck is for release guys! Here’s the link!
I would like to thank Chris and Wayne for their great mod release and for allowing me to write about their truck they put out! Awesome! 🙂 Chris’s group KJ Modeling/Modding facebook page is a newer page, just starting out. I feel that it is important that we support the younger generation of modders, as well as the more known modders! We must pass down to the younger guys and gals the right way of modding. So if you haven’t gone and liked Chris’s group, go check him out! I’ll leave links below to be able to find KJ Modeling/Modding page, and for other areas to check out as well! Stay tuned guys and gals, there is alot more to come! As always guys, have a good one! Mod on Modders! 😉

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