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FS17 Modders and their mods being uploaded to modhub without permission

Merry Christmas eve guys and gals! 🙂

Tonight, I’m going to go over with everyone about something that has been going on for awhile now with modders, and their mods being uploaded to other sites without permission from the modder.

I noticed that this started back when a larger group had done a good amount of conversions and were having Mod Shot videos done on the mods. The video would get posted up to youtube, and then the next day there it was on modhub, posted without their permissions. So I did some investigating with it and come to find out, that there are such things called “bots” on modhub. This is happening to keep their site moving. The bots generate the links, exact wording, credits, and pics from the video off youtube to modhub. There are 2 bots that I know of, the “names” are Thomas and Johnder33. I’m sure there are more.

There was another incident with a modder that had a Mod Shot video done on his truck mod release, his got posted under Johnder33 the same way: link, wording, credits, and pics. One groups was Thomas, the next incident was Johnder33.

The most recent of this happening, was to a independent modder that ONLY posts any of his releases on The Mod Shot video would get done and put on youtube that day of release or the next day. This modder had quite a few mods posted on modhub, all under “guest”. Now a “guest” could be anyone to me, which shouldn’t even be able to be done. That’s to easy for people to post others work/mods up, without permissions.

How I’m seeing it is, it’s not the person who did the Mod Shot video that is putting it up on modhub, it’s either a modhub “bot” or someone being a mod stealer. Why would the video person take the mod and do that?  They just posted the link to the mod on their video and put it on youtube! It’s always gonna happen, pointing of the fingers. But this makes no sense that one video guy is posting the mods on modhub, after he post the link to his youtube channel. Think about it! It’s pointless, it’s already been put on youtube by the video guy! Get it!

Please guys lets not do the pointing of the fingers. Also, it’s really not cool for another member or modder to upload to modhub or any site, with someone elses mod under “guest” or any name, that’s is stealing! All modders are asked if they want a Mod Shot done for their mod release,  permissions are given before putting it on youtube.

So with that being said, I most certainly hope this clears somethings up for the modders this has happened too, and to all the other modders. Everyone this has happened to has been very understanding, and we thank you!!! I feel writing about this will help others better understand the situation, months of research I’ve done on it, and fight modhub to stop this and stop pointing fingers. This situation is being looked at with modhub, and I hope there can be a resolution made.  Huge thank you to all the modders this has happened too, and for being patient with me in my research. We gotta work together, not apart and fighting, it doesn’t work!

I’m wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!!!! Sorry haven’t gotten a blog out for awhile, but the holidays have me busy too! Stay tuned, more to come! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders!

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