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FS17 mods Christmas pack truck release by Back-Street-Boys Modding and Matt’s Modding

Hi guys and gals!!! 🙂

Today I have a special “spotlight” blog! There are 2 trucks in this Christmas pack release, but there is one link! The model was paided for by Dylan Raabe of Back-Street-Boys Modding (owner), he bought the model from Hum3d. Dylan also has a  youtube channel, PUNKA Dylan that supports his group as well. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, go hit that RED button and subscribe! All the modding work is done by Matt’s Modding!  Let’s go check these trucks out!! 🙂

FS17 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD High Country with L5P Duramax

These FS17 mods have two different versions, but they have one link, same model! One is a single wheel version and the other is a dually version. Thats cool! This FS17 mod has been released, but has more work that will be done on it. (WIP) They are beautiful trucks guys! Very nice work Matt! 🙂 In the video, it explains what the trucks have on them! Go watch the video I’m leaving below! These guys are alot of fun!!!

Here is the video of the High Country’s, go find out how magical Christmas really is, inside the video!!! 😉 PUNKA Dylan youtube channel The link is just below for the High Country’s, go watch Dylan’s awesome video, and give Dylan a Sub! Dylan does really good video work, so don’t forget to subscribe to his youtube!!! Everyone have fun with this Christmas release from these guys! Back-Street-Boys Modding facebook group

Back-Street-Boys Modding Christmas release pack, link right underneath:

Christmas truck pack release link


Super huge thanks to Dylan Raabe of Back-Street-Boys Modding group and Matt’s Modding for allowing me to write about this huge release!!! These trucks are beautiful, very nice work Matt! Make sure you don’t forget to go look at the VIDEO! 😉 Christmas is a magical time of the year, right?! 😉 I’m very excited to see what these guys have to come with modding! Stay tuned guys and gals, I have alot more to come! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders! 🙂

Back-Street-Boys Modding facebook group

PUNKA Dylan youtube channnel

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Different Breed Modding facebook group


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