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What “WE” are doing wrong???

Hi guys and gals! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to cover something that I have been seeing a lot of lately on the FB groups. Seems alot of members or other modders feel the need to constantly point the finger to the modder for issues with a mod they released or for beta. Well, sometimes issues come up, but why put that kind of stuff out there for everyone to see?? If you have a issue with the mod, just hit the modder up and speak with them about it privately! I’ve read alot of things and alot of it shouldn’t be on the walls for all to see.

I feel that all modders, mod differently, no one is the same. The FS game is evolving, with the game evolving, also means there is evolution to the modding itself. The scripting, xml, etc is going to be different if your adding animation, options, strobes, or lighting. So there are going to be alot of mod conflicts with some mods. Not all mods are gonna run right with other mods, but that doesn’t mean the mod is bad. It means you have to go look to find what mod is conflicting with it. This isn’t something that has just started, I remember it happening in FS15. It’s because of the evolution of the game! It’s always gonna be that way!

When I start to see top modders of our FS community be attacked right out in the open, and the attacker really had no business there, upsets me. Have some respect when your talking to these guys, they answer tons of questions everyday, sometimes the same ones. That doesn’t justify attacking a modder over and over, for something that is very simple to understand, and has been explained over and over. That person attacking is just trying to be a “superstar” by saying these things! It starts to become ridiculous after a certain point. How do I know this, I help run Different Breed Modding, and trust me I know, I see alot of things I don’t want to see and or have to deal with. It’s not easy around the FS community, but I feel this is something I wanted to address! Why is it always, What “WE” are doing wrong?? “WE” being the modder, it is just non stop complaining, instead of trying to help or be understanding!ย  Modders aren’t perfect and I just wish that people would let up with the baggering all the time and complaining just to get there name on the wall 50 times. It’s complete DRAMA!

Please guys and gals remember, this is a game! But to modders, it’s a lifestyle. They take alot of their time out of their life, to make these great mods to play with on your FS game!ย  Please show them some respect, you’ll get it back, trust me! Sometimes it takes awhile to work things out, making a mod. Especially with new mods coming out, and all the awesome features they bring. So please bare with your modders, support them, be encouraging, and please be nice!

As always guys, have a good one! Stay tuned, I have more to come! This was one of my “outside” the box blogs! But just felt it needed to be addressed, and I stand up for the fellow modders! I always come in peace, with what I write about! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also a huge thanks to one of my team members for bring this to my attention, it was worse than I thought. So thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mod on Modders!

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