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FS17 An Open Message To The Farming Simulator Modding Community

Hi guys and gals! 🙂

So it seems there is still a very unnecessary taunting of modders whom mod, “outside the box” which means, more of the role playing mods.

So my friend, co-worker Alastair, GamedestroyersTV youtube channel whom Different Breed Modding is partnered with, along with lambo-mods website has made a awesome vlog about how unnecessary it is for this taunting to go on about modders making mods that are “outside the box”. Now, I am following his vlog up with my blog about it.

I get it, the FS game is about farming, but what if you get bored with farming? You end up going to a different game to play, when you know you have all the different mods that are out there for FS! Why go to another simulated game, FS is becoming a very fast, evolving game and the mods/maps are following suit.

There are so many different senerios that you can do with all the different mods being made for the FS game now! There’s fire, snow plowing, snow vehicles (season mod), military, fire, police, logging, road maintenance, mudding, boating, mowing, building of windmills, natural disasters and construction equipment. I’m sure I missed a few others, but I think you understand what I mean. You can still farm on your maps, but what is wrong with players wanting just a little more fun on their game, and on their maps they are playing? Shouldn’t it be to each their own? Yes it should!

This is just my take on the taunting of modders that mod “outside of the box”. Let it be, why must there always be a fight or a argument about a game we all love. The taunting and fighting is causing really good modders to quit modding, for others feel the need to constantly cause drama over something that is so simple. If this continues, all the good modders are gonna be gone. Some of the things I read from members to those modders are way uncool. All of you as members and modders have such great imaginations, and your wasting it arguing over things that are so petty, and unnecessary.

As with life, gaming evolves itself as well. So if you see something your not interested in or don’t like, either give some constructive criticism, or just don’t say anything and move on. All this does is cause more toxicity within the community. Modding isn’t easy whether your modding a tractor, truck, harvestor, any farming equipment. So it’s just as hard for the “outside the box” modders to mod themselves too.

I’m going to leave my friend/co-worker, Alastairs GamedestroyersTV youtube channel vlog link right below, Different Breed Modding completely supports Alastair and his message. As do alot of other modding groups and members. I wish you would take the time to watch it and listen to what he has to say, he’s a wise man! We must stop the toxicity of the community and come together and be what a community is suppose to be!

Here’s the link to the video: “An Open Message To The Farming Simulator Modding Community”! Go check it out! 🙂

Huge thanks to my friend Alastair for allowing me to do a follow up blog on his vlog! We mean well for everyone in the community, and are practicing awareness of this situation. Just remember no one likes to get picked on, laughed at, or disrespected, even you as a person, member or another modder. I always come in peace with everything I write, please know this isn’t directed to one individually, but just to the community as a whole. Stay tuned, I have much more to come! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders! Respect the modder, and you will get respect in return! Respect the member as well! 🙂

GamedestroyersTV youtube channel

lambo-mods website

LAMBO MODS facebook group

LAMBO MODS youtube channel

Different Breed Modding facebook group


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  1. well i am a slowly climbing modder right now im just in the basics of mod editing, but i have to agree, but most my edits are kept personal for this reason, that and i havent heard from the original creators to release my mod edits, but the main reason i dont really release most of my work is because of all the taunting, its not discouraging me of continuing any work, just makes me feel that most of the community doesnt deserve to have the work i do

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