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FS17 PC mod truck pack release

Hi guys and gals! 🙂

Today I have a SUPER awesome FS17 PC mod truck pack release! These trucks were done by Blake McLain of McLain Modding facebook group and Silver Reel Modding. Blake had posted a link to his patreon page and paypal account, and a very nice guy stepped up and bought the Ford F-350 model for him. That’s awesome!

This is a FS17 PC mod truck pack release! To get the LINK to the truck release, you must CLICK on the video below that I’m leaving for you! It’s always best to watch the videos of the releases, for the modder has alot of information about the trucks that you probably want to know about! Check it out! Awesome video Blake! 🙂

There is something I would like to talk about with Blake’s trucks, and something that happens to alot of modders. Recently someone hacked his mega account and his trucks that are in this pack, were leaked. 🙁 Leaking is so uncool, and disrespectful to the modder. There have been some edits of some of the trucks that were released in this pack, but I felt that Blake’s original trucks and work should be shown and given out from Blake! I’m going to list all the trucks that are in the pack for you. There are alot of options on all the trucks.

Options for all trucks in pack:


-color selectable



Trucks in the FS17 truck release:

2011 Ford F-550 service truck

2002 Ford F-350 work truck/service truck (patreon)

1993 Dodge D-250 (1st gen)

1993 Dodge D-350 dually

1994 Dodge 3500 (2nd gen)

2011 Dodge Megacab Cummins

Wow! 🙂 What a awesome FS17 truck release from Blake McLain of McLain Modding! I am very proud to write this blog for Blake and his trucks. Yes, his trucks were leaked on modhub and modland, but this is his original work! Leaking is a very toxic issue that happens in our community alot. That’s stealing, so before you think about doing that, think about it. What if that was your work/model? If you have a issue with someone, be real about it and talk to the modder, instead of leaking their work! It’s not yours to do anything with and not having the modders permission to do so. Remember when doing things like leaking, it comes back to you ten fold in a bad way, it’s called karma.

Back to the most important thing in this blog, this awesome FS17 PC mod truck pack release by Blake McLain (owner) of McLain Modding! Huge thanks to Blake for allowing me to write about his huge FS17 truck release! Awesome work Blake! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have coming soon! Your a great modder and your gonna be even better the more you work! 🙂 Also thank you to Justin Allan McCoy of G.H.C and friends facebook group for helping me with pics! Love the flags! 🙂

Stay tuned, I have much more to come! Don’t forget to watch the video and get the LINK for the FS17 truck release by Blake McLain! Give him a sub, if you already haven’t! Hit that RED button! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders and respect the modder! Without the modders, we would have nothing cool to play with on our game! Think about it 😉

McLain Modding facebook group

McLain Modding youtube channel

lambo-mods website

Different Breed Modding facebook group










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