FS17 PC map release Mountain Logging Extreme

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Mountain Logging Extreme

Welcome to Mountain Logging Extreme

braker19 here!!

Do you like mud and logging? Well you’ll love this map then! You can’t never have enough mud ey?

Let’s go check this new map out that was done by Derrick Lewis of BeardShot Gaming page (owner)

This is a FS17 PC map release of Mountian Logging Extreme. Derrick has done alot of changes with his map editing, and is working towards adding so much more to his maps! This is Derrick’s 3rd map he has done!! Below are some pictures and a walk through video of the map!



Available Versions

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Walk-thru Video

All the information you want or need is in the video below!!!

Big thanks to Derrick Lewis of BeardShot Gaming page for another awesome logging map!!! But this time with some MUD! 🙂 Have fun everyone!!! Also thanks for allowing me to write about your awesome map Derrick! 🙂

Stay tuned everyone, I know I haven’t been blogging much, but we had some upgrades done to the site!!! So it was worth it 😉 But I’m back! 😉 As always guys and gals, have a good one! 🙂 Mod on Modders!


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