FS17 mod edit release Ford F-350 pilot/escort truck

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Have you ever been driving along in your car/truck and seen a big oversized tractor trailer load going down the road?? Alot of times you will see what they call a pilot/escort truck for escorting oversized and wide loads, for clearing the road ahead.

Ford F-350 pilot/escort truck

I’m going to be covering a FS17 PC mod edit release of a Ford F-350 pilot/escort truck edited by Justin Allan McCoy of G.H.C Modding (owner) and team member of Different Breed Modding . I refer to Justin as the “The Strobe Man” of FS and he’s also my right hand man of Different Breed Modding. I don’t know what I would do without him and his help! Thanks Justin for everything! 🙂

About the Modder

 So now that Ive told you about Justins FS17 PC mod edit release of a Ford F-350 pilot/escort truck, let me tell you a little bit about Justin and his gaming/modding background.

Justin started gaming when he was 10. He got involved with beta testing of the game day of defeat source, beta team fortress, css:go. Slowly he fell out of that for years and then he got into playing all the tycoon games, trainz simulator, FS13 etc. Just like anyone, he fell out of playing games, just as fast as he would start to play them.

After sometime he got back into playing the game American Truck Simulator, hardcore. Due to some unfortunate threats & violence from those communities caused him to leave and come to FS17, and he has been very successful since!!

What inspired him to mod was the fact that there weren’t mods out there he really wanted. He wanted to make, and edit what mods he wanted to his liking. Also, he saw that alot of members were in the same place he was with mods. He wants to help the members and make them what they want as well.

But one of the biggest things that inspired Justin was his friends, Different Breed Modding, forgiving him a home and resources. Modders like Rico Suave & lambo-mods , and other modders that gave him the tools, resources, knowledge, and tuturials to help him further his modding.

All of them taking their time to help him means alot to him. He says without them he 100% wouldn’t be where he is now. He says his success is because of all those people!

Well, Justin is also super smart and can do coding well, so the rest fell into place for him with modding. He’s still learning and is super eager to learn and figures things out when hes stuck.

Another big inspiration is his best friend Sasha, she never gave up on me, took me in and brought me to all these wonderful modders and friends. She took me in at a low point in my life, she started it all with me modding.

A huge and special thanks to Sasha, without her I would still be sitting in groups, too scared to say anything to anyone. Well Justin, I’m not that person to let others be treated wrongly. This is just a game, and we all need to remember that for feelings always get hurt and thats not what this game is about! I will always have your back as everyone elses in the community. Thank you for your kind words and I’m so happy I was able to help you out. 🙂

Available Versions

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  • Good Old Boys Modding
  • Dylan Footitt
  • Richwoodrocket
  • Color selectable option-Wyatt Minnix
  • Edits-GHCFriends/McCoysHeavyHaulage, Different Breed Modding



Please for modding pc for McCoys Heavy Haulage(Justin):

Paypal for donations

First Modder release

This is Justins first mod release! Let’s go check it out!

This is a FS17 PC mod edit release of a Ford F-350 pilot/escort truck that is a diesel, flatbed dually . He added steps, tool box, chains, fuel barrel, caution and oversize load signs to the truck. A compressor, warning flags, cb antennas, led strobe bar, front off-road bumper, and traffic advisor on top of the roof. Also, he put DOT tape along the flatbed, and last but not least STROBES, Justin’s specialty!!!! This pilot truck is also color selectable, which Justin had help from a DBM team member, Wyatt Minnix! Thanks Wyatt!!! I would also like to talk about a member of DBM and G.H.C, Ryan Ayotte, this guy is super awesome! He does alot of role playing videos and screenshots of all kinds of mods. Ryan has been a huge help to Justin with the pilot/escort truck. If you haven’t see any of Ryan’s work go check out G.H.C & Friends facebook group! Thanks Ryan for all your hardwork and dedication to our community!!!

From the Blogger

Huge thanks to Justin Allan McCoy for allowing me to write about his awesome, bright FS17 PC mod edit release of a Ford F-350 pilot/escort truck! I can’t wait to see what you have for us next!!! Again, this is Justin’s first mod release and he did a awesome job!

Also, Justins computer is about to die. 🙁 So Lambo decided to do a fundraiser on his website, lambo-mods for Justin to do work for donations, he can do edits, strobes, lights etc. So he can get a computer that can handle blender, ge etc. before his computer dies and he can continue modding.  I’ll be leaving a link right below for you to be able to go donate just to donate, or donate for work. Let’s help Justin out!!! He’s a great person, modder, and team member of lambo-mods! 🙂

Stay tuned, for I have much much more to blog about! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders!!!


Admin at Different Breed Modding and LAMBO Mods Blogger

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