FS17 PC mod edit release International Dump trucks

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Grand day everyone!!!

braker19 here!!!!

Today I have for you a two for one deal! There were 2 versions of this truck that was edited. The first one was edited by Rico Suave of Different Breed Modding (owner) and the second version was done by Bart Manning of Rednex Modding.

Ricos edit of the

International dump truck

The first edit is the WMF  (Woodmeadow Farms) Dot International dump, all Rico did was swapped the cab with Rednex Modding’s International. Rico added dirt texture to it as well as changed up the color!

There are two versions of Ricos International dump one is the regular dump and the other has the plow option on it! I’ll leave both download links below!

Available versions:

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Download links for Rico’s International Dump:

regular version

plow version



Bart Mannings edit

of the International dump

So then Bart and Rico had spoken after Rico’s edit, and Bart had decided to do his own edit of the International dump. The difference between Rico’s edit and Barts is that his cab part of the mod was done from sketchup. Barts edit has alot of things that he added to the FS17 PC mod edit release International Dump truck (his version). He added engine, beacon, plow, color options and a jake brake! That’s super cool! Love seeing modders come together to work!


Available Versions:

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Download link for Barts edit of a Internationl dump truck:


Credits: Original Mod- ENG15NE, Cab- RedNex Modding, Edits: RedNex Modding & Different Breed Modding


Big thanks to Rico Suave and Bart Manning for allowing me to write about their FS17 PC mod edit release of their International Dump truck! Awesome work guys! It’s so nice to see modders working together, instead of working against each other!

This shows it can be done! Well done guys!

 Message from braker19:

Stay tuned, I have so much more to cover! I’m just getting caught up so bare with me please!

As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders!! 🙂


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