The Countdown To Farming Simulator 19

So with the countdown to Farming Simulator 19 having begun Lambo mods has gotten in contact with Giants to try and find out information about the upcoming game and how modding will be in the future.  Some of the things that we are hoping to be able to gain information on are examples of XML coding that we can share with the community to help everyone prepare for whatever changes there will be.  We also hope to be able to obtain any modding literature for Farming Simulator 19 that Giants may have.  But we cannot do this alone.  We need your help to be able to gain this information.

So how can you help us gain this information?  Well in the press environment it comes down to numbers.  Site visits and views etc, so let me lay out a list below of things you can do to help us help you.

Farming Simulator 19

So how can I help on the site?

First thing to do on the site is to make sure you have registered and have validated your email.  We have an ever-growing number of members but, also an ever-growing number that have signed up but never validated their email.  This allows us to show we have a growing active membership.

The second thing you can do for us is to be active.  Check out our blogs, look over the mods and participate on our forums.  This rolls back to the numbers game I mentioned earlier.  Companies take stock in high visitor counts and page views, and this is something you can help us out with.

The third thing you can do is interact with our articles.  At the bottom of the posts you can leave comments, hit the like button and use the social media share buttons.  All these interactions will greatly help out.

The final thing is more of a niche.   If you are a modder or map maker and are releasing to the public, then please use our mod uploader so we can host your mods as well.  This will gain you exposure as a modder and will also help generate more content for the site.

So are we done?  No, we are not.  Check out below for more ways to help out.

So What Else Can I Do?

Lambo mods is not just one person.   We are a team of people.  Some of those people handle the advertising of the mods in the form of Youtube videos.   These YouTubers are a big benefit to us and once again their numbers help us out with our conversations with Giants.   So you can help out by making sure you are subscribed to all our Youtube friends.  Watch their content and the like, comment and share their content.  This helps them in a big way and helps us out as well.

We also are friends with several modding groups on Facebook along with our own group there.  So please also check them out.  I will include links to all our friends to the right of this post.

What do you think about this?

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