Farming Simulator 19 News Weather Watching And More

So our first news update on Farming Simulator 19 and it is an interesting one. Over on the official Farming Simulator forums, a member of the Giants team provided a short list of some of the graphical enhancements that have been made to the Giants engine. So let us take a quick look at the list and what it means.

The Sky is dynamic now.

  • Sun and Moon are there and moving
  • We added volumetric fog (it looks SO good)
  • We added:
  • Depth of Field
  • Color grading / Tone Mapping
  • High Dynamic Range Rendering
  • Bloom
  • Global Illumination (SSAO)
  • Dynamic Eye Adaptation
  • Light Scattering
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So what does this all mean.

Well first up on the list is the dynamic sky.  By this they mean the clouds are real 3d models that move across the sky and change as the weather changes.  This means you will be able to predict what the weather is going to do.  So, myself I take it that the game maybe will focus a bit more on real-time gameplay because of this feature.   It will be interesting to see how it effects how we play.

Sun and moon are there and moving.  So once again we have a feature that feels like they are aiming towards more realtime play with a physical day-night cycle (yes I know 17 has a day-night cycle but why highlight this as an addition.)

Volumetric Fog.  This is so going to be fun to play in.  I look forwards to the early morning pea soupers or early evening fog rolling in off the water.

Now we get into some of the more technical aspects they have added to the engine.

Depth of field.  Depending on how this is implemented it could just be that anything at a distance is blurry, or they may allow us to be able to focus on a distant feature.  Preferably the latter as that is how our eyes work.  The everything in the distance is blurry is good though for releaving strain on computers.

Color Grading And Tone Mapping. This feature basically maps one set of colors to another to approximate high dynamic range images.  This helps address problems of strong contrast reduction while preserving color and image details.

High Dynamic Range Rendering. This feature is also known as high dynamic range lighting, and is basically more advanced lighting calculations to preserve details due to limiting contrast ratios.   This also allows for the creation of more realistic scenes.

Bloom. We all know this one.  Light flaring around an object in videos games.  Some people love it and some people hate it.

Global Illumination. Global illumination is a system that modelshow light is bounced off of surfaces onto other surfaces as indirect light.  This once again helps create a more realistic scene.

Dynamic Eye Adaptation.  Dynamic Eye Adaptation is how our eyes react from moving from a brightly lit enviroment to a dimly lit enviroment and vice versa.  Make sure you know whats where in that old shed before driving in there people.

Light Scattering. Light scattering which causes more distant objects to appear lower in contrast, especially in outdoor enviroments.

So quite a list.  But we are not done with the news.  Keep reading.

Even More News

Lisertan of Giants Software, when asked about system requirements for FS19, stated that they are in early development still and no requirements are set, but did state that if your computer runs FS17 on minimum only then most likely FS19 will not run at all.  So those of you with older systems may want to start considering an upgrade over the coming months.

Another comment Lisertan made, was to say don’t think to much about the things that are in the trailer as its a marketing trailer after all.  Although he did state that the dog is there for a reason.  In the same comment he also stated that the trailer is just a teaser.  There is a longer and even cooler version of it but that won’t crop up to way later.  These comments lead me to a few conclusions.  First up I honestly think there is a lot in the trailer that hints at what the game will be like.  Hand tools, mud etc just people caught on quicker than Giants wanted.  Next the dog being important leads me to think we are going to get actual animal behaviour where we can herd animals from pasture to pasture.  Why else have a dog on the farm. Finaly I would guess the longer trailer along with  some very early footage will be shown at E3 and a more detailed reveal will occur at Farmcon.

In another comment Lisertan made he stated that some brands they have pretty much set in stone deals with while others they are still in talks with.  They will announce the brands at a later date some of the might be a very late date.  Of course everyone and their mother is clamoring for John Deere but I feel that unlikely as JD has their own game.

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Breakdown Of CGI Trailer

A Bit On How Giants Is Developing Farming Simulator 19

So Lisertan makes a point  covering how the features of Farming Simulator 19 are being developed in response to people asking about more features.  He first of states that a lot of features are only in early development and are not set in stone but does give us an overview of why.  So here is what he has to say.

So there is the feature list in our office OK? It’s a list where a lot of people have added things they want for FS19. It’s a looooong list. I, myself, added the stuff from our FS19 forum threads, as I’m your voice in our company, that’s what I’m here for.

Of course they are sorted by priority. Starting at the top, our bosses will take the features and assign them to teams (or people will point at one and say: I can do that!)
Then we start developing them.
Sometimes they work, sometimes they work more or less and sometimes they don’t.
Once they are done, we work down the priority path.

So that means, at this stage in development, not all features have been decided. Sure that was a VERY simplified version of how it’s actually happening (and priorities get shifted around, sometimes low prioroty things are so easy to do that they get done anyway ect ect so yeah.. very very simplified), but that’s how every game in the world gets developed :D (more or less).

So once we have stuff we can talk about, we will.

There is one more layer: Marketing. Let’s give a simple example here: This trailer.

As you might imagine, creating a trailer like this is expensive. Even IF I had things to announce right now, I wouldn’t, as the focus this week is clearly the trailer and the FS19 announcement, otherwise marketing would kill me (and that’s easy for them, I’m part of the team so they sit around me). Some announcements need a good timing.

A prime example in the gaming sector is E3 in June. That’s where all major game companies announce things like new games ect. Do you wonder if there will be a new Elder Scrolls game? E3 will tell you. Ever thought about EA and what their next Star Wars game could be? Keep an eye on E3 … ect. That’s pure marketing and sure, our company is no different, sometimes things are not announced for marketing reasons.

As of now, however, most things are not announced because we are still in early development :)

So all in all we have a lot to look forwards to over the coming months and whenever we gleam any new information here at Lambo mods we will share it with you all.  Till next time everyone.  Stay Safe.

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