FS17 PC mod coversion release Petro-Canada truck stop building

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Imagine your a truck driver in Canada, and you have been driving for awhile and need to stretch the legs, fuel up, and get something to eat! You look up and see the next exit for a Petro-Canada  truck stop, and you smile! 🙂

Well that’s what I have for you today! I have for you a FS17 PC mod conversion release of a Petro-Canada truck stop building to put into your maps! This mod is only a GE placeable at this time.

This conversion was done by Winston9587 , he took this truck stop out of American Truck Simulator and brought over to FS17. He said it took him about 2 weeks to convert this building, along with the Wal-mart building as well.

After all the bakes in Blender, and exports the triangles are 13,447 total in GE, even for the size of the building. All the neon lights are in working order how he has them.

This building and the Wal-mart are the first neon lit buildings, it’s so cool to look at, at night!

Breaker, Breaker one-niner!!

Gallery of Petro-Canada truck stop




Available versions:

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Download link for the Petro-Canada truck stop:


Huge thanks to Winston9587 for allowing me to write about his Petro-Canada truck stop building! An thanks for all you hard work you do Winston!!! Everything you edit/convert is so awesome! 🙂

Im leaving Winston’s fb link below, you have any questions about the truck stop building, you can find him there or LAMBO MODS facebook group Keep your eyes peeled for Winston’s UPS trucks that he’s about to release soon! 😉

Stay tuned, I have so much more to come! As always guys and gals, have a good one! 🙂 Mod on Modders! 🙂


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