FS17 | Making Custom Rims | Blender Tutorial

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Blender is the bomb

fs17 Blender Custom Rims

If you have not used blender yet, then you are missing out big time!

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The Audio on this video was lost for some reason, so enjoy the music!

 The following tables on the right shows some of the more commonly used hotkeys while working in Blender.

Blender Short-cuts

Perform a Loop Cut
  1. Press Ctrl + R.
  2. Move your cursor around the model to select where you want to add the new loop. A preview will be shown in pink. Then, place your cursor on top of an edge and it will detect the edge’s ring and place the new loop across that ring.
  3. Roll your scroll wheel up and down to increase and decrease the amount of loops you want.

4.left click to apply the amount of cuts

  1. Manually place them or right click to automatically place in a evenly placed spot.
Action Result  
Left-click Place 3D cursor  
Ctrl+left-click (edit mode) Quick-extrude  
Ctrl+left-click+drag Lasso selection  
Right-click Select  
Shift+right-click Add to selection  
Alt+right-click (edit mode) Edge/Face loop select  
Middle-click+drag Rotate view  
Shift+middle-click+drag Pan view  
Ctrl+middle-click+drag Zoom view
Hotkey Description
1 Front view
Ctrl+1 Back view
2 Rotate view up
Ctrl+2 Pan view up
3 Left side view
Ctrl+3 Right side view
4 Rotate view left
Ctrl+4 Pan view left
5 Toggle perspective/orthographic view
6 Rotate view right
Ctrl+6 Pan view right
7 Top view
Ctrl+7 Bottom view
8 Rotate view down
Ctrl+8 Pan view down
9 Redraw screen
0 Camera view
Ctrl+Alt+0 Set camera to viewport
/ Toggle local view
. (dot/period) Zoom on selection
+ Zoom into view

Making Rims in Blender


Lambo mods

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