How to Bake Perfect Normals in Blender – Tutorial

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Baking Normals In Blender

Blender tutorial showing you how to bake a normal map from a high poly model, to a low poly model.

Hi guys! I want to introduce you to the Blender Guru! This guy has helped me learn all the basics of blender with all his free tutorials on youtube. when I make normal maps, this is the process I use to create them. I am going to make a detailed step-by-step list to go along with this video for those of you who forget, Like me

  1. Download starter file:
  2. or don't and use your own.
  3. Duplicate your low poly Mesh
  4. Blender subdivision surfaceadd the Subdivision Surface modifier to the duplicated Mesh.
  5. click simple and change the amount of subdivisions you wish to preform. Blender subdivision surface
    1. WARNING- Unless you have a SWEET gaming computer, Don't go over 5 Subdivisions.
  6. Make sure your hi-poly mesh and low poly mesh are Exactly over each other. Alt-G will pull items to center of grid
  7. Change to Cycles Render mode
  8. Create Image file in the UV editor
  9. Name the Normal Map and set dimensions 2048x2048 for making Normal maps for FS17 mods
  10. In the render panel you will see Bake type, change to normal
  11. Selected to Active is clicked
  12. Select the hi-poly mesh first and then select the low polymesh afterwards.
  13. Open the node editor
    1. click new
    2. shift - A and select the image texture
    3. now click bake.
    4. Takes about 30 seconds
  14. Green or other colors other than a purple, pink, bluely means the rays are off.
  15. If so find the Ray distance ajuster and play with the setting
  • Alt-G will pull selected items to center of grid
  • Shift- A in the Node editor to insert the image texture

Blender Guru


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