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Grand evening everyone!!

braker19 here!!!

Welcome to Northernwinter’s Redneck Modding Shop!

So I was driving around looking for some 389 Peterbilts, I’m in the market to buy one. Looking for something that has custom work done to it, and passed a shop called Northernwinters Redneck Modding Shop!

I of course had to stop and check out what he had at his shop! He has “redneck” in his shop name, I had to stop in! 😉

Well to my amazement he had a 389 Peterbilt that he had just done a bunch of custom work too, and I was most certainly interested in seeing this truck!

So while I looked over the rig, he told me all the work that he did with this FS17 389 Peterbilt. He put a full wrap around, fenders with the wrap around and the fender to match on the drop axle.

There is full custom chrome on it all and blacked aluminum, Oh man! He has standard lights, LED strobes, and and a new strobe bar.

So I asked him if the Pete was for sale? He said not right now it’s still a WIP, but when he’s ready to sell, he will contact me first! I get first dibs! 😉

I’ve been looking for a nice FS17 389 Peterbilt to use for my dairy farm, and this rig would have been perfect! I think I’ll wait this one out! 😉


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WOW! That’s all I have to say about this FS17 389 Peterbilt WIP! I’m sad I wasn’t able to purchase the rig, but at least I get first dibs on it when he’s ready to sell! 🙂

Huge thanks to northerwinter for being so cool and showing me his Pete and letting me take some pictures! Your redneck modding shop is super cool! I’ll be back to see some other creations you have made soon!

Stay tuned everyone, I have alot more too come! Also we have a new writer Michelle, so make sure you check out her blogs too! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders!

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