FS17 PC WIP Baja Buggy

Hey everyone!!!!

Michelle here!!

 Hope you all are ready for my first blog!! 🙂

So today I have for you this amazing Baja buggy! This FS17 mod edit of the Baja Buggy is a WIP, which means Work In Progress, and is edited by northernwinter

It has all LED lights and a custom engine work done to it. There is custom scripting that was done, which allows it to stick to road.  The Baja even has flames that shoot out the exhaust, the flames were originally done by Colty Lambo!! Northernwinter just adjusted them to fit the double exhaust.

How cool is that?!

 This mod was Lambos Mavric, that northernwinter built the Baja buggy from,  the model is fully textured and built in GE, and all the custom features on it! I must say northernwinter truly did a awesome job on this buggy! Not your normal Baja buggy! 😉

I would also like to add that northerwinter is a super awesome modder and has a different style about him, but hes awesome! 🙂





 Big thanks to northernwinter for allowing me to cover his awesome Baja buggy, my first blog!!!

Well everyone, I am out! Hope ya’ll have an amazing day or night!! PEACE!

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